Guess who’s running a 10k next weekend!?

Hint: it’s me.
Philly 10k !!!!!!!

No more river path!!!

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How do I still have any followers

like who are you guys?

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This cartoon means everything to me.  1 week ago with 1,101 notes


Also getting anxiety under control would be great. 

Statement of my life.

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Two people were making out against my car so I hit the panic button from a distance and the reaction was priceless.

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14 miles later. My longest run ever.

Lol that awkward moment when you see the pic on b first then tumblr. Went to running camp with one of these fast chicks!! 2 weeks ago with 518 notes

Day 2: “Meditate” Thunderstorms outside, but I’ve found peace & quiet inside.
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Just start planning my funeral

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